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Manufacturer of High Quality Composite Cans

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High Quality Cans and Unmatched Customer Service

Now in its 5th decade, Universal Packaging Corporation continues to grow and develop into an industry leader in the composite can industry. By manufacturing high quality composite containers PLUS adding unmatched customer service and shorter than industry standard lead times, Universal Packaging Corporation has strengthened its position in the marketplace. Universal Packaging Corporation manufactures composite canisters and metal ends for some of the largest and most respected companies in the world.

As one of the most versatile tooled manufacturers in the industry, Universal Packaging Corporation offers customers a unique ability to mix and match different projects onto a single shipment to stretch your logistics budget. No job or customer is too big or too small for Universal Packaging Corporation.

Whether you are searching for a primary or second source of high quality composite cans or looking for solutions to your unique packaging challenges, utilize our 400 plus years of combined composite can manufacturing experience and turn your ideas into results. Please call us at 636.225.6300 today!

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